Mindblown. Well probably not but hey..

  • Photography

    I enjoying photography and experimenting with different techniques; infrared, light painting, macro..

  • Growing Avocado, Mango and Pineapple seedlings

    I have currently managed to grow two Mango and Avocado seedlings from seed and three pineapple plants from pineapple crowns. All from shop bought fruit. Probably will never be either big enough, warm enough or whatnot for fruit but they still make interesting house plants and it’s an interesting experiment to try. I’m also experimenting…

Hi, I’m Simmie, a person who enjoys photography, gardening (well as much as can be done indoors and on a small balcony) and Arts and Crafts.

Like many of my projects, this is an ‘experience’ with using Wordpress.

Here you’ll find .. a lot of random stuff that I’ve done or am doing. Simply click on the text under the image and have fun exploring. Perhaps it will inspire you to experiment as well ?